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Invitational Coin Shows
Every Spring and Fall

Camp Counselor - Session II
Many of you are used to doing regional/club 1-day shows for the bourse fee of $75 - 95.  Did you now our coin show is not that much more money?

2-day table Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun$240.00
3-day table Fri/Sat/Sun$290.00

For this affordable price you receive:
1.   Benefits of $10,000+ in advertising & promotions
2.   Excellent facility at the Monroeville Convention Center
Free parking for you & the public - FREE ADMISSION
Easy loading and unloading
Well-lit, clean & air-conditioned
Large restrooms
Great concession stand
3.   Full-time, professional, round-the-clock security
4.   Excellent location at the Monroeville Convention Center
Easy off Exit 57 of the PA turnpike on busy Rt 22
Short ride to downtown Pittsburgh
No shortage of hotels/shopping /restaurants/activities
5.   Included in bourse fee is Thursday night set-up -
      an option you can skip if you are close enough to drive in the morning and save a night hotel fee.
6.   We have over two decades experience in running coin shows:
We know what dealers like and don't like.
Our coin show is filled with friendly , regular coin dealers - just like you.

In a quiet moment, sit down and compare all the aspects.  Your time, money, public attendance, and the fun you will have and you'll find our coin show rates right up there with the best of them.  Our coin show is in a city that has been well-known and very recognized for coin shows for many decades.  You don't want to pick a location where there has not been a show before.

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