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Our company has a website but not a checkout cart.  You can print a wish list by you must call in your order.  Why do this?
- The most important reason is I truly like to chat with my customers.
- Mr. K. calls me when he is having a bad day as he is now in assisted living and sometimes has sleepless nights.
- Mr. W. calls me to hold off on his order cause he has to go to the hospital to have his heart checked out and he sounds nervous so I tell him I hope all his nurses are sexy with short skirts!
- Mr. T. calls me once a month. We chat about coin shows and the weather.
- Another Mr. K. calls me and he loves to talk politics. He has a very rich Boston accent (which I can imitate perfectly) and he cracks me up constantly.
- Mr. A. calls me once a month and totally enjoys when we have really cold weather and/or snow because he moved south and does not miss shoveling at all.
- You cannot have the kind of back and forth in an email. Like face-to-face at a coin show or coin shop.

How else can the dealer see you roll your eyes when he gives you his sales pitch on a coin he know you really want, but not at the price?
- A friendly "Hi! How are you?" with a smile sure beats a generic emoji.

Giving a sympathetic pat on the hand to the grandfather who is selling his collection cause the grand kids are just not interested.
- A firm handshake between dealer and collector looking forward to future business at the next show.
- Tears of joy when the dealer presents a check far larger than they had anticipated and they really need the funds.
- Giggles from funny old ladies when they find out what they have is worth just face value and they kinda knew it before they asked.
- Two dealers at the end of a long day at a coin show talking about the "old days" and you are spellbound waiting to hear more.

I wouldn't trade any of that for an email!

Great times are great memories and are made at coin shows and coin shops.  Savor the experience and come back for more!

Have a great time at the show and enjoy your weekend!
Monroeville, PA coin shows ( near Pittsburgh ) by Sarosi's Coins And More Promotions, LLC