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You are a coal miner at the beginning of the 20th century.  Standard pay in 1915 iand 1916 was $3.00 a day for dangerous and hard work.  Work stoppages during the slower summer periods resulted in a pay increase in 1917 - you receive $6.00 a day!  Double the previous year!

You decide to take the extra $3.00 from your first 3 days pay and put away some coins for a rainy day.  The banker is actually a friendly fellow and introduces you to the new coinage that came out the previous year.  1916 was the first year for the Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter and the Walking Liberty half.  The banker has a nice assortment of these new issues, all Choice BU, and as his is a very busy he has a great assortment of mintmarks.  For your $9.00 he gives you the following:
10) 1916-P Mercury dimes
10) 1916-D Mercury dimes
10) 1916-D Mercury dimes
2) 1916-P Walker halves
2) 1916-D Walker halves
2) 1916-S Walker halves
6) 1916-P Barber quarters
6) 1916 Standing Liberty quarters
( because he did not have $3.00
of al the same in his drawer )

You put the coins in a box and put the box in a closet.  Your pay increases agin in 1918 to $7.50 a day and stays at this rate throughout the war and post war years.

One hunderd years lates, 2016, your heirs discover that box. All Choice BU - stillas bright and lustrous as the day you put them away some with a little rim toning.  Your $3.00 pace value of dimes is now worth $135,970.00, your $3.00 face value of halver is now worth $6,100.00 and your $3.00 face value of quarters is worth $80,100.00.  For a grand total of $222,170.00.

What do you think you could accumulate if you put away on week's salary every year?  Money spent on coins, paper money,gold and silver.  Items to add to your collection to make your sets complete or bulk lots of old silver dollars and 90% coin silver. Old U.S. gold coins or some really cool type coins.  Possibilities are endless!  There are a lot of good deals out ther AND plenty to be found frou our bourse dealera hear at outr 6th annual Spring C.A.M.P coin show.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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