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It seems the topic of conversation lately surrounds the price of gas and the cost of traveling on the Pennsylvania turnpike.

These two items are the reasons the dealers say there is a decline in public attendance at shows.  These two reasons are also given by the collectors and dealers as to why they missed a particular show.  Not singling out coin shows - we also hear this at auctions, collectable shows and antique malls.

There are alternate routes to take you anywhere and you can bypass the turnpike with it's double lanes, constant speed limit, rest stops and high price.  For free, any other road will get you there - but with single lanes (behind a tractor), up and down speed limits, stops and starts at red lights, and hit or miss if you will need gas or food when you see one.

Have also never seen the logic in waiting til the gas light comes on to fill up the tank.  Do you wait until every jar and can in your cupboard is goine to go to the grocery store?  Why do you think utilities are billed monthly?  Because if you had to pay for cable 6 months at a time all those premium channels would have been cancelled years ago.

Think a lot of the grumbling about it costing $80.00 to fill up the tank is said with a slight swell of the chest.  You know, my tank is bigger than your tank.

So if you are a dealer or collector who decided to skip a show because of the high price of gas... then sit on the couch and watch your over-priced cable, by the lamp powered by the over-priced electric, nice and cozy from the over-priced gas heat.  The rest of us are going to the show.  Meet up with friends, and talk coins.  Sell some gold, pick up some key-date Lincolns, sell some silver dollars, and finally buy that nice bust half for the type set. Trade some proof sets, and mint sets for a really cool GSA "CC" silver dollar.

Might even top off the tank on the way home.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and take advantage of the great selection of dealers we have here at our 3rd Invitational C.A.M.P. Spring Coin Show.


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