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With few exceptions, all US commemoratives have a real historical significance  These special coins were usually issued either to commemorate events or to help pay for monuments or celebrations that commemorate historical persons, places or things.

We help collectors put together classic (pre 1982) commemorative sets.  Some collect by thpe, some collect the complete set of P,D, and S. The set is relatively easy to assemble - you could look around at this show and find nealy the complete type set from all the dealers on the floor. PDS sets are a little tougher and take some patience.

The price difference between MS-60, MS-63, MS-64 are, for the most part, very small.  Most of our customers prefer brilliant coins as tey are more in supply and then the set is "matched".  Other customer don't mind a pretty toned coin that stands out on the page in the album with all the other brilliant coins.

We have other customers that like a particular design and purchase only multiples of those.  The Oregon and Texas serise usually have greater luster & sharp details - and a lot of dates to collect!

Did you know...

The 1900 Lafayette dollar wat the first US coin to bear a portrait of a U.S. president.
The 1915 Panama-Pacific was the first commemorative to have the motto "In God We Trust"
The 1920 Maine was to be sold at the centennial celebration but were received to late for the event
The 1921 Alabama is the first instance of the use of a living person's portrait on a US coin
The 1925 Tt Vancouver was minted at the San Francisco mint but does not have a "S" mintmark

The 1936 Delaware commemorates the 300th aniversary of the landing of Swedes in Delaware. A two-kroner coin was issued in Sweden to commorate the same event

The 1946 Iowa was sold first to residents of Iowa and only a small remainder to others. 500 were held back to be distributed in 1996 and another in 2046

No matter what you collect we hope your quest is successful this weekend.
Great times and great memories are made at coin shows - savor the experience and come back for more!

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