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Morgan Silver Dollars were created to provide a market for the western and other silver-mining interests and as backing for Silver Certificates.  The majority of the public shunned them as they were heavy and bulky, circulating mainly in the South and West.

Millions of Morgans were paid out during their minted years, but a far larger amount (hundreds of millions) remained stored at the Treasury and bank vaults.  In 1962 the price of silver approached $1.29/oz. making the bullion value of a silver dollar equal to the face value. The Treasury Department released bags of New Orleans Mint silver dollars and by 1964 collectors and dealers cleaned out their vaults.  These bags stored by the Treasure were mostly Uncirculated and a frenzy led to the Morgan Silver Dollar now being the most widely collected U.S. coin series.

Below is a price comparison for common date Uncirculated silver dollars of the Morgan and Peace series based on the recent silver boom using the August, 2011 price of $43.50 and February, 2015 price of $16.50

Coin and Grade August 2011 February 2015
MORGAN MS-63 $  60.00 $  55.00
MS-64 $  75.00 $  65.00
MS-65 $165.00 $135.00
MS-66 $380.00 $225.00
PEACE MS-63 $  60.00 $  40.00
MS-64 $  65.00 $  55.00
MS-65 $160.00 $105.00
MS-66 $510.00 $405.00
MELT PRICE $  33.50 $  12.70

As you can see there is very little price difference on MS-63 and MS-64 grades, keeping in mind the 62% drop in the price of silver!   AND there is no better feeling that the weight of a silver dollar in the palm of your hand.  Truly feels like value and feels good.

If you do your research you will see there are a lor of good deals out there now.  AND plenty to be found from our bourse dealers.  No matter the denomination you collect you should be pleased with the inventory from our great selection of dealers here at our 5th annual Spring C.A.M.P. coin show.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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