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C.A.M.P. Coin Show Encourages a New, Young Generation of Coin Dealers

John Sarosi started his business at the age of 15 years old and did his first coin show at the age of 16 - October, 1974 at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown. He started with a savings of $200.00 and some coins on consignment from a college professor co-worker of his brother.  The first coin he ever sold was an un-circulated 1917-P Standing Liberty quarter for $40.00.  He remembers purchasing two used steel & glass showcases from an old-timer coin dealer from Johnstown - Al Neissner - for $20.00 and a solid steel Craftsman cart for another $20.00. He uses both of them today.

Most dealers from the early decades of John's time in the coin business were not "full-time" dealers.  Most had other jobs they went to during the week; some were retired. They did coin shows on the weekends to hang out with their buddies and shoot the breeze with the public.  Making money was a "plus".  They bought and sold coins they had purchase during the week at their homes, other coin shops and the show before.

Sadly, many of those dealers are now gone and it is very hard to replace them with new younger dealers.  Expenses are way more costly now and the present economy does not allow for a good-paying job that gives you weekends free.  Even the cost of buying silver and gold - silver halves, silver dollars, old $5 gold coins - that are staples in every showcase - is very expensive for someone just starting out.  Just stocking a S-VDB cent, a 16-D dime and a 1928-P dollar ties up at least $1500.00!

We want to help draw new young blood into our business.  If you are or if you know of a young dealer (under the age of 30) we will discount our table fee $50.00!

That's a $50.00 incentive to come try out our C.A.M.P. Coin Show and hopefully stay in the coin business for many years to come.


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