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What a wild ride we had with the gold & silver market in 2011!

At our first C.A.M.P. coin show in March, 2011 gold was $1430.00 and silver hit a then all-time high of $47.00.   And business was brisk, both buyers and sellers, both dealers and collectors.  On set-up night and Friday most dealers' cases were sold out of 90% silver and silver dollars.  The upswing went on through the month of April, 2011 with silver almost breaking $50.00!   Then came the beginning of May and silver dropped to $32.00 over a 3-day period.   Most dealers were selling as fast as they were buying to keep the money flowing for more deals.  But then you always have some in stock and taking a $17.00 hit on an ounce of silver was big!  Not that $32.00 silver was shabby, but there was a lot of crying and second guessing choices made in May of 2011.

Summer is usually sleepy for coins but the metals were on fire again.  August 2011 bringing $1900.00 gold and $43.00 silver, but just for a short while.  If you cashed in just because you thought prices were a little "too high" - good for you.  If you bought during last year's "peak" it is time to average down.

What is a good deal now?
If you like the price of gold at today's $1620 level: circulated and lower grade uncirculated U.S. old gold coins are now trading at very low premiums.  You can by $5, $10, and $20 at barely over melt value.  If you like the price of silver at today's $28.00 level: uncirculated rolls of common silver Roosevelt dimes, Franklin halves and Washington quarters are trading little premium over circulated 90% silver coins.  Silver dollars are still the most popular and really did not see huge increases when silver went up to the high $40's so they did not lose as much value when the metal dropped.  Uncirculated rolls of silver dollars carry a low premium right now over circulated rolls.

Don't like the prices of gold or silver at all at today's levels?
Indian & Lincoln cents, Liberty & Buffalo nickel series have seen drops over the past year on many key dates that you may like to take advantage of.  If you have the storage space non-silver proof sets and mint sets are at price so low - they are barely over face value on many dates.  There is an abundance of key dates available in the silver series'.  Every showcase has 1921-PD dimes, 1932-DS quarters, and 1921-PDS, 1916-PDS halves.  A few years ago these were selling like hotcakes - flying off the shelves!

Semi-key date silver dollars are selling for just a few bucks over commons in almost every grade range from VG to MS-60.  Circulated and GSA cased uncirculated "CC" Morgan silver dollars are practically the same price as when spot silver was $10.00 per ounce, and all readily available.


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