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Monday, April 15 was a pretty bad day in more ways than the obvious.  Gold went down over $100.00 and silver went down over $3.00.  This riding on both metals down the pervious Friday.

Everyone wanted in on the lower metals driving the premiums up sky high.  Silver Eagles wholesaling at Spot + $5.00 with a 2-3 week delayed delivery.  Old circulation silver dollars easily selling for $12.00 over melt.  90% coin silver drying up all over the country bringing crazy prices for "LIVE" deals.  It was wild!

This summer brought even lower metal prices but the premiums have settled some, actually making the bullion and bullion-related markets a little dull.  90% coin is still valued at over melt and old circulated silver dollars are still very popular and carrying premiums - but you can find what you need, if you are wiling to pay that extra 50c.

While we were all busy the last few years with the gold & silver boom the bread-and-butter of our business/hobby has been slowly declining.  So slow that one day you just woke up and said "What the heck happened to all the key dates?".  Prices are way off their highs, actually making them more affordable to the average collector.  And they are easily found at all shows in almost all grades. 1877 & 1909-S Indians, 1909-S VDB & 1922 No "D" Lincolns, 1937-D 3 leg Buffaloes, 1921-P & 1921-D Mercs and Walkers, 1932-D & 1932-S Quarters, etc.

If you missed out on buying these key dated for your sets before the mid-2000's collector boom - now seems like a good time to fill in those annoying holes in your albums - and saving yourself some money.

You'll find a nice selection of affordable collector coins and a large selection of investment-grade gems at our show.  So try to visit all the dealers.  Chat with them.  Study their inventory and improve your knowledge.

Have a fun weekend at our 3rd Invitational C.A.M.P. Fall Coin Show!


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