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Do You Have a Crystal Ball?

The first time gold hit the $1200.00 mark in December of 20009 there were mixed feelings of what to do.  Sell?  Buy?  Hold?  Obviously if you bought American Gold Eagles then held until August of 2011 and sold at the high of $1900.00 - you did great!  It's all about timing.

The euphoric market in December 2009 included Choice Uncirculated old U.S. gold coins.  If you got caught up in all the excitement and purchased then at $1200.00 gold - how are you doing with $1280.00 gold now in August 2014?

Here's how:
MS-63 Type coin December 2009 August 2014 Loss per coin
$1 Type 1 $1015.00 $635.00 -$380.00
$1 Type 3 $940.00 $365.00 -$305.00
$2.5 Liberty $1190.00 $365.00 -$625.00
$2.50 Indian $870.00 $575.00 -$295.00
$5 Liberty $1140.00 $585.00 -$555.00
$5 Indian $2145.00 $1100.00 -$1045.00
$10 Liberty $1750.00 $1105.00 -$655.00
$10 Indian $1775.00 $1100.00 -$675.00
$20 Liberty $2395.00 $1750.00 - $1185.00
$20 St. Gaudens $2080.00 $1620.00 -$460.00

You can purchase the 10 coins now for $6000+ less!
And the spot price of gold is almost $100 more.

Does that mean they are a good deal now?  Seems like they are.  They say the best time to buy is when noone else seems interested.  AND if you have the available funds to purchase when money is tight for others.  If you do your research you will see there are a lot of good deals out there now.

AND plenty to be found from our bourse dealers.  No matter the denomination you collect you should be pleased with the inventory from our great selection of bourse dealers we have here at our 4th annual Fall C.A.M.P. coinshow

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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