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Pennsylvania's best Collector-Friendly, Dealer-Friendly shows

Invitational Coin Shows
Every Spring and Fall


Complete an application at the show and register to win.

You may only register once per day or entries are disqualified.

Come back to the show to see if you may have won the previous day and  you get to pick your gold coin prize from items displayed ( America Eagle, Chinese Panda, S.A. Krugerrand, 2.5 Mexican peso, etc.). Photo ID required for show pick-up. Otherwise our choice of gold coin is mailed to you after the show via United States Postal Service, insured mail.

Registration applications are then placed on our mailing list.  A reminder postcard will be mailed to you two weeks before the next C.A.M.P. coin show. Use the  reminder card for Express Registration.

WINNERS - 2019
Friday, March 22nd Mike D.  Pittsburg, PA
Saturday, March 23rd Ernie W.  Greensburg, PA
Sunday, March 24th Michael E.  Apollo, PA
WINNERS - 2018
Friday, March 23rd Neil Y.  Natorna Hts, PA
Saturday, March 24th Susan Z.  Mt Pleasant, PA
Sunday, March 25th Brad B.  Cheswick, PA
Friday, September 7th Mike O.  Verona, PA
Saturday, September 8th John R.  Jeannette, PA
Sunday, September 9th Sarah K.  Pittsburgh, PA
WINNERS - 2017
Friday, March 24th Kim T.  Cranberry, PA
Saturday, March 25th Michael S.  N. Huntingdon, PA
Sunday, March 26th Adam P.  Uniontown, PA
Friday, September 8th Gregory H.  Gibsonia, PA
Saturday, September 9th Thomas N.  Natrona Hts., PA
Sunday, September 10th David T.  Pittsburgh, PA
WINNERS - 2016
Friday, March 18th Glenn M.  Parma, OH
Saturday, March 19th Bruce S.  Murrysville, PA
Sunday, March 20th Ed K.  Plum, PA
Friday, August 19th Ron Z.  Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, August 20th Tom C.  Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, August 21th Matthew C.  Washington, PA
WINNERS - 2015
Friday, March 20th Mark G.  Slatyfork, PA
Saturday, March 21st Leonard C.  Sarver, PA
Sunday, March 22nd Debbie M.  Arnold, PA
Friday, August 28th Angelo M.  Huntingdon, PA
Saturday, August 29th Thad M.  Export, PA
Sunday, August 30th Don R.  Millersville, PA
WINNERS - 2014
Friday, March 21st Micheal A.  Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, March 22nd Megan V.  Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, March 23rd Tim D.  Pittsburgh, PA
Friday, September 19th Chris N.  Natrona Heights, PA
Saturday, September 20th Henry H.  Apollo, PA
Sunday, September 21st Thomas W.  West Mifflin, PA
WINNERS - 2013
Friday, April 5th Frank J.  Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, April 6th Kevin K.  Callery, PA
Sunday, April 7th James M.  New Kensington, PA
Friday, September 6th Michael D.,  Blairsville, PA
Saturday, September 7th Mary Ann M.,  Zelienople, PA
Sunday, September 8th Michelle T.,  Trafford, PA
WINNERS - 2012
Friday, March 16th Fred F.  Wierton, WV
Saturday, March 17th John F.  Latrobe, PA
Sunday, March 18th Orville M.  N. Huntingdon, PA
Friday, September 7th John P. Jr.  Turtle Creek, PA
Saturday, September 8th Wally N.  Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, September 9th James M.  New Kensington, PA
WINNERS - 2011
Friday, March 25th unreadable name, invalid address
Saturday, March 26th Bill M.  Tonawanda, NY
Sunday, March 27th Jack Z.  Home, PA
Friday, October 7th Barry F.  Verona, PA
Saturday, October 8th Eduardo M.  Monroeville,  PA
Sunday, October 10th Gregory P.  Pittsburgh, PA
Monday, October 11th Jorge H.  Davenport, IA


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